Wayne Maxwell is a designer based in the beautiful Cotswold area of the UK. 

Over the last three decades Wayne Maxwell has produced work which combines his knowledge of design and the skills of traditional craftsmanship he has learned. He believes that his strength is in the knowledge of understanding how materials are selected, worked and joined to create the finished product.

Wayne was born and raised in Southern Africa, following his design studies he travelled the world while learning and aquiring new skills. His interest has always been tied to the hand crafting techniques utilised by different cultures and traditional peoples of the world. These principles of skill and technique combined with re-purposed and recycled materials, fuse to bring his pieces into the present time, offering a unique new lease of life and minimising waste.

This ethos for Wayne's re-purpose and his traditional influences, combine to create work which straddles the fields of design, sculpture and art. His love of creating with bare hands is at the heart of everything he does, whether it be a lighting installation, bespoke piece of furniture, wire sculpture or a design and build project, you will always find him involved from beginning to end.

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